Why drive electric?

Climate change

Electric road transportation, powered by clean energy, can eliminate 10 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year by 2060, providing one of the most powerful, globally scalable ways to help achieve a safer climate.

Health and justice

Zero-emission road transportation can save hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of cases of respiratory disease per year by avoiding vehicle pollution, especially benefiting communities living in and near polluted cities, freight corridors and hubs, and busy ports.

Jobs and the economy

A global transition to electric vehicles will create jobs in manufacturing, charging and refueling infrastructure, and local services. Electric vehicles save people transportation costs and can help the world avoid more than $8 trillion in climate-related damages over the next 40 years.

The road to

The campaign aims to have all new vehicles
sales be electric by:


City and school buses and
two- and three-wheelers


Passenger vehicles


Freight trucks

An audacious strategy

The Drive Electric Campaign aims to address and overcome barriers to scaling zero-emission road transportation globally. Our goal is to reach a tipping point by 2025 where EVs outcompete polluting vehicles in the market, which will put the world on track for 100% vehicle electrification by 2050.

Smart government policies

We support government policies at all levels that overcome barriers and grow the EV market. Examples include emission standards and EV sales targets for automakers, purchase targets for fleets, purchase incentives, public EV procurement, city zero-emission zones, EV infrastructure deployment, and other supportive policies.

Credit: The Climate Group

Business leadership and action

We engage with companies to electrify their fleets, support their employees and customers to adopt EVs, work with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, and increase coordinated action and support for key government policies.

People power

We support diverse organizations and coalitions representing health, environment, labor, consumers, and business, including elevating the voices of communities directly affected by vehicle pollution.

Credit: Amy Goldsmith, Clean Water Action


The Drive Electric Campaign partners with NGOs, foundations, and coalitions, and works closely with governments and businesses around the world.

Implementing Partners
Foundation Partners

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