Supercharging the shift to e-mobility in emerging markets

The Leapfrogging Partnership is an initiative of the Drive Electric Campaign to accelerate access to clean vehicles and reduce harmful emissions at local and global scales

Emerging markets are innovating e-mobility

Zero-emission vehicle adoption is accelerating everywhere, thanks to their clean and quiet operation that saves drivers money on fuel. Communities in emerging markets across Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia are already experiencing these benefits thanks to innovative business models and ambitious government commitments to clean vehicles of all kinds. From battery-swapping electric 2-wheeler ‘boda-bodas’ in Nairobi, to soaring electric car sales in Costa Rica, and a growing fleet of e-buses in Jakarta, people are ready to skip the polluting tailpipe, leapfrogging to climate-friendly transportation.

Courtesy of ViriyaENB

But support is needed to avoid locking-in polluting vehicles

Between now and 2050, most new vehicle demand growth will be in emerging economies. While electric vehicles are on the rise globally, the fastest growth is in the places with strong and clear government policies. To close the gap between leading and emerging markets, the Leapfrogging Partnership works with regional and local leaders to enable strong government policies, business leadership, and diverse coalitions. Powered by philanthropy, the Leapfrogging Partnership has been catalyzed by a $100M investment from IKEA Foundation and was seeded by support from Quadrature Climate Foundation and the Robertson Foundation to accelerate zero-emissions road transport in emerging markets.

Leapfrogging cuts pollution and drives change

  • Ensures emerging economies have access to clean, zero-emission vehicles of all types to leapfrog over dirty combustion vehicles and grow sustainably 
  • Generates benefits that are far-reaching: stronger local and global economies, cleaner air, and improved access to affordable transportation and renewable energy
  • Contributes to a safe climate future: adopting zero emissions transport within emerging economies can cumulatively abate about 43 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO₂e) by 2050 compared to business-as-usual 
  • Strengthens economies — an accelerated transition to EVs can save governments and people money, enable new business opportunities, and create new jobs across the EV and clean energy supply chains  
  • Reduces local air pollution significantly — and cleaner air brings a wealth of personal health benefits to local communities

Foundation Partners

Ikea Foundation
Quadrature Climate Foundation
The Robertson Foundation
The African Climate Foundation
Viriya ENB

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