On the road to 100% electric road transportation.

Governments, businesses, and others are ramping up commitment to EVs.

Drive Electric Campaign partners have secured 590 signatories to their initiatives committed to achieving 100% EVs. This includes 123 governments, 339 businesses, and 127 other signatories. The geographic reach of these commitments is increasingly global, with commitments from national governments, states, provinces, regions, and cities.

Signatories committed to achieving 100% EVs

Policy progress is happening around the world.

Drive Electric Campaign partners have contributed to at least 72 major policy developments since 2019, including freight and passenger policies in Europe, the U.S., China, India, Latin America, and cross-national. The policies include vehicle regulations, charging infrastructure investments, financial incentives, and preferential access zones for EVs.

Major policy developments since 2019

Nearly one-fifth of the world is committed to 100% EVs.

As of January 2020, governments and companies representing 19% of the world’s road transport demand have committed to reaching 100% EVs by or before mid-century. This reflects the signatories to Drive Electric Campaign initiatives and covers passenger and road freight.

With support from the Drive Electric Campaign, they are also implementing meaningful enabling policies and practices and creating regulations that will ensure the path to 100% EVs. We are tracking significant policy developments within these commitments and sales outcomes, and continuing to work with partners, governments, and businesses on strong implementation.

Percent of world committed to zero-emission road transport

More EVs are hitting the road, but sales remain a fraction of total new vehicles sold.

In 2020, passenger EVs reached 5.5% of total car sales in key regions, with higher sales in Europe and China, and lower sales in India. To dive deeper, see the International Energy Agency (IEA) Global EV Data Explorer.

Note: Progress charts will be updated as data becomes available for sales of buses, trucks, and two- and three-wheelers.

Percent of passenger vehicle sales that are electric

Global reach

Drive Electric partners are advancing zero-emission commitments around the world: hover over the map below to learn more about modes of actions at national and sub-national levels.

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