A global campaign

The Drive Electric Campaign partners with NGOs, foundations, and coalitions, and works closely with governments and businesses around the world.

Implementing Partners

Global EV Alliance
The International Council on Clean Transportation
Count Us In
Green ID Vietnam
Deutsche Umwelthilfe
Greenlining Institute
We Mean Business coalition
Smart Freight Centre
SLOCAT Partnership
Road Freight Zero
Plug In America
North American Council for Freight Efficiency
Global Logistics Emissions Council
Commission on the Future of Mobility
Clean Energy Works
Charge Across Town
Ceres and Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance (CEVA)
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
ZEV Community
World Economic Forum
Union of Concerned Scientists
Transport & Environment
The Climate Group
Sierra Club
Rocky Mountain Institute
Race to Zero
New Urban Mobility Alliance
Natural Resources Defense Council
Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
Global New Mobility Coalition
EV Hybrid Noire
Environmental Defense Fund
Electrification Coalition
Electric mobility platform (PNME)
Drive To Zero
C40 Cities

Foundation Partners

Viriya ENB
The Robertson Foundation
The African Climate Foundation
The FIA Foundation
Sea Change Foundation
The Trottier Family Foundation
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Clean Air Fund
Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Pisces Foundation
McKnight Foundation
Quadrature Climate Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Oak Foundation
Institute for Climate and Society
Iniciativa Climatica de Mexico
Ikea Foundation
European Climate Foundation
Energy Foundation China
Energy Foundation
ClimateWorks Foundation
Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
“We knew big heavy trucks could go electric, but would they be deployed fast enough to address the climate challenge? Drive Electric partners supported research on solutions and civil society demanded cleaner air and better jobs, leading to the world’s first regulation requiring an aggressive transition to zero-emission trucking in California. Now we can take this critical policy global.”

Anand Gopal

Hewlett Foundation
“We are on the cusp of an unprecedented market transformation as zero-emission commercial vehicles quickly move to production scale. We need to increase the pace, ambition, and regional coordination to meet our climate and air quality goals. That’s why CALSTART and Drive to Zero are proud to partner with the Drive Electric Campaign toward stronger alignment of targets for zero-emission commercial vehicles across industry and governments worldwide.”

Cristiano Façanha, PhD

Global Director, CALSTART/Drive to Zero
“Europe, by learning from others like California and China, has become a leader in decarbonization of transportation, thanks to its ambitious regulations. Now it is up to us to share the European experience with the world because the transport sector won’t stop damaging the climate until oil-powered vehicles are phased out everywhere. The Drive Electric Campaign is an important step to realizing this target.”

Dietmar Oeliger

Director Transport Programme, European Climate Foundation
“A key achievement over the past year was using the high ambition set by Drive Electric to shape the targets for the “Race To Zero - Breakthroughs” and “RouteZero” initiatives that are driving ambition for leading markets and companies in the run-up to COP26. This type of collective ambition escalation only happens when groups invest in pragmatic collaboration and integration of goals and strategies.”

Monica Araya

Electrification Advocate, ClimateWorks Distinguished Fellow
“The Drive Electric Campaign shares Shakti’s and our Electric Mobility Initiative vision to accelerate the electrification of all road transportation to achieve complete decarbonization of the sector. A global campaign helps us reach more like-minded funders and partners with whom we can collaborate.”

Ruchir Shukla

Electric Mobility Lead, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
“The accelerated shift to electric vehicles of all types is critical to meet our climate goals. Our Race-To-Zero campaign is working closely with the Drive Electric campaign to set bold ‘breakthrough’ goals and align on high ambition with business, investors, governments, and civil society. Working together, we’re confident that we can secure a tipping point soon when EVs will increasingly dominate the market, providing massive benefits for the climate.”

Nigel Topping

COP26 High Level Champion
“As clearly shown in our latest Global Fuel Economy Initiative reports, a rapid acceleration of EV sales will be necessary to meet our climate and clean air goals. The FIA Foundation is proud to join the Drive Electric Campaign which is working together with the key global partners to do just that.”

Sheila Watson

Deputy Director, FIA Foundation

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