Driving Progress: accelerating a zero-emission road transportation future

Driving Progress: accelerating a zero-emission road transportation future

Last year was full of remarkable achievements on our journey to 100% clean, electric transportation — this is no accident, and we are proud to share a summary of the inspiring work of our global partners.

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By the Drive Electric Campaign

EV Sales Cross Campaign Goal 4 Years Early

EV car sales, averaged across the four key markets of Europe, China, the U.S., and India, account for more than 15% of new car sales. Just a few years ago, many industry analysts did not believe we would reach this milestone by the end of the decade, let alone in 2022. This is no accident. Where Drive Electric partners have succeeded in securing durable government policies, we saw a rapid increase in electric vehicle sales.

EV Sales

Coordinated grantmaking grows support for change-makers

With increased collaboration and investment from philanthropy, Drive Electric has expanded support for zero-emission transportation activities to 279 organizations in more than 65 countries. Drive Electric tracks grant-making by our campaign partners, including the regional climate foundations and aligned Drive Electric funders. Data presented here represent grants reported in the calendar year 2022 from participating foundations.

Grantmaking supports key activities and strategies

About the Drive Electric Campaign

The Drive Electric Campaign is an ambitious, philanthropy-powered global initiative to achieve a global tipping point by 2026 leading to the electrification of all road vehicles by 2050.

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